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Former Secretary and long time Board Member

Fulton County Historical Society & Museum
237 Kingsboro Ave. Gloversville, NY 12078
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Officers and Board Members


Joan Fudger ~ Board Member

Dave Reffue ~ Board Member

​Brad Shane ~ Board Member

William G. Loveday

Former President and long time Board Member

Museum Volunteers

Joan Loveday

Eileen Wrightsman - Loom

Libby Van Alstine- Spinning

Officers and Board Members

Vice President and long time Board Member

In Memory Of

         Fulton County Historical Society & Museum Staff

Frank DeMaio - Web Page Tech.

Former County Historian

Kingsboro Garden Club - Flowers & Landscaping

Nancy Joan Reynolds

​​​Marcia Gillis ~ President

Dale Brown ~ Vice President

​Gregory Young ~ Treasurer         
Laurie Kozakiewicz ~ Secretary 

George Streeter

Marie Born
Marion Viglione

Mike Hauser
Ryan Lorey
Cathy Stearns

Sharon Ottalagano

Scott Jeffers 


Richard Nilsen

Peter Betz

Museum Director

S​amantha Hall-Saladino

​Richard J. Ottalagano Sr

Fulton County

Historical Society & Museum