~Native American~

Iroquois Longhouse, animal firs, tools and arrow heads.


​   ~Victorian~

Clothing, furniture, photographs

and period artifacts.

​~Farm & Tool~

Black Smith, dairy, farming, and carpentry tools.

Fulton County Historical Society & Museum
237 Kingsboro Ave. Gloversville, NY 12078
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~Leather Tanning


   Glove Making~

Tanning and Glove Making tools along with photographs.

​  ~Technology~

A collection of radios, televisions, cameras and record players.

Local sports including 

items and photographs
from the "Glovers"

.​~~~~​​~Public Service~

Police, Fire Department, Nursing Service and 
Pharmacy displays. Including a jail cell, 
gallows and working fire alarm system.


Local railroad (F.J.&G) collectables. 
Along with a working model railroad.



Commercial ads, street signs, hotel artifacts and photographs.

​  ~School~

Year books, photographs uniforms and trophies

​  ~Paintings~

Local people and local artists.

​     ~Military~

Military artifacts from the 1700's 
to the current time.  Included are firearms, swords and uniforms.

​~Weaving Spinning~

Working loom, spinning wheels along with a collection of quilts and antique kitchen tools.

Fulton County

Historical Society & Museum